How can I search for sales data for properties that are comparable to my account / parcel?

There are two ways to search for sales data for comparable properties. Please note that the 2017 and 2018 property values are based on sales data from 1/1/2015 to 6/30/2016. 
1. Use ‘Improved Property Sales Search’ and/or ‘Vacant Property Sales Search’ to search for sales within a specific time frame, location, date range, price range, property type, or acreage. 
Using the Improved Property Sales Search or Vacant Property Sales Search:

  • Go to either search screen 
  • Enter as many or as few criteria as you would like.  If you are using the Location Description field, please scroll down past the descriptions that begin with a number in order to see the names of subdivisions to select. 
  • Click the ‘Submit Query’ button at the bottom of the page 

  • 2. Use the ‘'Property Data Search' to search for sales on a map in a specific neighborhood/area.  Sales are color-coded by year and displayed on Legend/Layer list.  
    On the Property Data Search:

  • Search for your account or parcel number.  
  • Click on the ‘View Map button’.  The map will open to the account/parcel and will display the results on the left of the map.  
  • Under ‘Tools’ at the top of the screen select ‘Layers’ then select  ‘Sales’.  
  • Under ‘Tools’ at the top of the screen, select the ‘Legend’ to see the years represented by the colors on the map. 

View my property tax dollars due or payment history online?

The Treasurer's Office website reports the amount of taxes due and shows your payment history. Follow the link and then click Login to search for an account.

Find a recorded document?

You can search the Clerk and Recorder's website by recorded document number, type of document, date, or name of grantor/grantee.

If you know the account number or parcel number then you can search here.

Why is someone from the Assessor's Office at my door (or leaving a tag on my door)?

The Assessor’s Office is required to appraise all real estate in Weld County. To conduct a fair and accurate appraisal, an onsite review of your property may be needed. This review may include measurements of the exterior and/or inspection of the characteristics of the interior (for example, counting the number of bedrooms and bathrooms or inspecting basement finishes and remodels).

If a Weld County Appraiser is at your door and you would like to verify his or her credentials, please call (970) 400-3650 or (720) 652-4255. If an Assessor’s Office tag is left on your door, please call (970) 400-3650 or (720) 652-4255 to set an appointment for the Appraiser to return to your property.

Why is there only one property owner’s name listed on the mail that I receive from the Assessor’s Office?

Although property can be owned by more than one person or entity, the Assessor’s Office is unable to show all the owner’s names on the documents we print due to space limitations on the forms.  If you receive a document from us and you would like to verify that we have all owners on record, please search the account on our property search.  Once you have pulled up your property, all owners names should be displayed.

File my business personal property declaration?

You can also request a spreadsheet from our office to file via email. Either call us at 970-400-3699 or email us