Steve Mereno
           Barbara Kirkmeyer
           Sean Conway
           Mike Freeman
           Julie Cozad

Public Input
           No public input was given.

New Business
New Business 1
         Today’s first matter of new business involved Assessor Chris Woodruff addressing the commissioners. Woodruff was at this morning’s meeting seeking approval to submit the assessor office’s assessment abstract. This year’s assessed value, Woodruff informed the commissioners, was $11,767,000,000, a new record high for Weld County. It was also mentioned that oil and gas assessments increased over the course of last year by 46% from 2016 values. 
         The assessor’s request was approved by a vote of 5-0.

    New Business 2
         The next and last piece of new business for the day involved the releasing of easements. A representative for the private property owners involved said the land owners were seeking to have easements released back to them. The County’s legal right to hold the easements in question was said to no longer be serving any purpose. 
         This request was approved by a 5-0 vote. 

Meeting End
    9:06 a.m.