Steve Moreno

           Barbara Kirkmeyer
           Sean Conway
           Mike Freeman
           Julie Cozad

Public Input
           No public input was given.

    Bid 1
         Purchasing Manager Rob Turf came before the Board today to ask for an extension on the approval of a bid. The bid is for a methane monitoring system to be installed at Weld County Fleet Services Facility. The Department of Buildings and Grounds was supposed to be finished looking over the bid so that it would be ready for the Board to approve today. But, Turf said, the department would need another week to examine and okay the bid on their end.
         Pro-Tem Kirkmeyer then asked if there was any desire among any commissioners to discuss this matter. Commissioner Sean Conway took this opportunity to ask why the continuance was needed.
         Turf answered, “Buildings & Grounds needs a little more time to review the bid.”
         The Board then took a vote on whether or not to extend the date for approval to September 5th—the Boards next meeting. The vote for approval of this extension passed 4-0.

    Bid 2
         The County’s Purchasing Manager Rob Turf remained seated before the commissioners in order to present bid 2. Turf said the Department of Buildings and Grounds received six bids that were now being reviewed. The bids are for remodel work to be completed on the Weld County Administration Building, 1150 O Street, Greeley, CO. The Purchasing Manager will return on September 10th for approval of whichever bid the department decides on.
         The commissioners considered the idea of checking up on the progress of the project by means of either a worksession or a walkthrough of the area being remodeled. This, it seemed, was due to the fact that the commissioners had made some changes to plans in the remodel the last time they did a walkthrough to check on progress. This idea was eventually passed on though due to the fact that no significant changes would occur until the bid (bid 2) was in place and progress began on it.

New Business
    New Business 1
         The first item of business was the approval of a liquor license for Collision Brewing Company in Longmont, Colorado. 
         The license was approved 4-0.

    New Business 2
         Greeley-Weld Housing Authority Director Tom Teixeira addressed the commission on the second matter of new business. The Housing Authority was asking that the Board authorize a purchase agreement for land in Dacono, CO (917 Glen Ayer Street). The purchase agreement would provide the Habitat for Humanity of the St. Vrain Valley in Longmont, CO, with $140,000 to be used for the purchase of land. Two housing units will then be built on this land. The money, Teixeira said, was from state funds and non-profit funds ($70,000 from each). 
         The agreement was authorized by a vote of 4-0.
         After vote, Commissioner Sean Conway made comment. Addressing Teixeira, Conway said, “I want to thank you for really going down and figuring out how we could help.”

         The only matter discussed during this segment of today’s meeting involved details of a contract between Lone Star and Select Energy Services. Select Energy Services was asking for a reduction in their collateral warranty agreed to in their contract. The money from this reduction would then be used to cover a new two-year warranty for a deceleration lane the company constructed on the property. 
         Essentially, Select Energy Services would be allowed to borrow $120,773.95 from the current $142,087 in warranty collateral they have paid and is already locked up, just like a security deposit on an apartment. The company would then use this borrowed money to pay an additional warranty collateral on the new deceleration lane. It’s the equivalent of your landlord allowing you to have money from your security deposit in order to finance warranties on new fixes you’re doing to your apartment. If the new fixes were to break and void the warranty on them, or if you were to move out and void the original warranty, you would still owe the full amount of your security deposit either way in the end. Another way of looking at it is this would mean Select Energy Services would have two warranties they’d be responsible for. The two warranties would equal out to a combined total of $262,860.95 ($142,087 to cover the original warranty + $120,773.95 for the deceleration lane warranty = $262,860.95). 
         Vote was taken and the contract amendments were approved by a vote of 4-0.

Old Business
         The only piece of old business was an appeal extended from the August 15thBoard of County Commissioners meeting. The timing of certain procedures in this case led to a complication over where an access road would be built. The Sander family, represented by Kyle Sander, was present at the meeting today. Kyle Sander, addressing the commissioners from the bench before them, was concerned about the layout for construction of a road to be built for access to their newly built home. Sander said the spot where this access road was supposed to be built would mean having semitruck lights shining in their house windows among other issues. 
         The shining lights would come from semitrucks exiting a new business (Rimrock) that is going to be operating across the road from the Sander family. That business is also looking to put in an access road, and the Department of Public Works says regulations require this road be built directly across from the Sander access road. That is where the problem is created for the Sander family, who feel as though placing their access road at the position it’s been approved for will create a number of nuisances. The Sander family came today to ask that they be allowed to build their access road further up the road from the approved area at a spot where they’ve already begun to design for their access road.
         The problem, the commissioners informed Sander, would be that the business would still have to build their road directly across from this access road even if approved due to certain regulations. Commissioner Mike Freeman said that in a visit to the area he noticed that the access road the County had suggested was actually in a somewhat dangerous spot. Freeman pointed out that the road would be close to a rising hill and people coming over this hill would not have very much time to see trucks pulling onto the County Road from the business’ access road. 
         The decision was ultimately made to continue this appeal. Pro-Tem Barbara Kirkmeyer asked that until the time of the continuance the Sander family try to come to an agreement with Rimrock on where they’d be okay with the access roads being built. The Sander family and Rimrock will be back September 5thto try to once again to finalize this appeal. 

Meeting End
    10:00 a.m.