Greeley City Council Chambers
City Center Building
1001 11th Avenue

Meetings are held the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 6:30 p.m.


Proposition 112 and Amendment 74.
Consent Agenda: Authorization of Building Inspection Division to perform public school construction related inspection services, authorization to commit funds for construction of the 10th Street Access Control and Roadway Improvements Project, authorization to enter into the Agreement Regarding Phase II for an Instream Flow (ISF) Augmentation Plan on the Cache la Poudre River, authorization to enter into an Intergovernmental Agreement for the treatment and delivery of potable water, consideration of a resolution opposing Proposition 112 and consideration of a resolution opposing Amendment 74.
Public Hearings/Final Readings: A rezone on East 8th Street and Community Development Block Grant budget proposal.

Upcoming November elections, Weld Way’s Home, Amendment 74 and Proposition 112
Consent Agenda: Intergovernmental Agreement concerning Northeast All Hazard Region Homeland Security Grant Program, grant funding for McCloskey Natural Area Trailhead, Intergovernmental Agreement concerning Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Building Inspection Division authorization to preform Public School inspection services and Business Development Incentives for Food Safety Net Services
Public Hearings/Final Readings: City purchase of property for water line development, budget appropriations and proposed Service Plans for four Metropolitan Districts

Upcoming September 18th Council Meeting: A rezone on East 8th Street, city purchase of property for water line development and budget appropriations.

Tax extension proposals, new City Center building and taxes
Public Hearings/Final Readings: Proposed tax extensions, water bonds and possibility of a new metropolitan district along 10th Street and 95th Avenue

Upcoming September 4th Council Meeting: Proposed tax extensions, water bonds and possibility of a new metropolitan district along 10th Street and 95th Avenue.

Quality of Life Tax, unsafe roads, downtown development, homeless population downtown, 2018 Ag Tour, refugee meeting, municipal court and Greeley's sister city
Consent Agenda: Wildland deployment resource sharing, East 8th Street, police funding, bond assignment and the City recovering damages
Public Hearings/Final Readings: City purchase of property for sewer line development and a water transfer

Transit, infrastructure, parks, potential ballot issues and a possible new advisory board
Consent Agenda: Authorized transfer of airport money and approved funding for facility
Public Hearings/Final Readings: Small cell facilities, small rezone, police contract and firefighters’ contract

Future CDOT plans and Greeley's Kindness Initiative
Consent Agenda: Greeley Historic Preservation Commission’s qualifying rehabilitation projects, board appointment approval
Public Hearings/Final Readings: Budget appropriations and economic incentives