different states' mayors and governors. Those lines are called state lines. Citizens are constricted even further from voting for congressional representatives. These lines are called congressional districts. (Throughout 2019, "redistricting" is a term that is going to come up over and over--these are the districts surrounding that discussion.) The smallest voting lines that are drawn are for city elections (in Greeley these lines are referred to as "wards"--there are 4 Wards in Greeley), and the second smallest voting lines drawn are county lines (in Weld County these lines are called County Commissioner Districts--there are 3 County Commissioner Districts in Weld County). 

Weld County Commissioner Districts

Weld County is divided into three Commissioner Districts.  Of the five elected commissioners, one lives within and represents the residents of each of the three districts. The other two commissioner seats are At-Large seats, representing all of Weld County. (Check off "Common Layers" to left of map to see only Commissioner Districts.)

State Senate Districts

State Senate District 1

State Senate District 13

State Senate District 23

State House Districts

State House District 33

State House District 48

State House District 49

State House District 50

State House District 63