In Greeley, only policy makers are elected by voters. This means that an individual Greeley resident votes only for mayor, two at-large city council members and one city council member in their ward (Greeley is broken into four wards). Greeley City Council, made up of six councilmembers and the Greeley Mayor, is then in charge of appointing and demoting certain top positions in government just like CEOs at companies do. For a visual breakdown of the structure of Greeley government that was put together by the City, click here

Greeley Mayor's Office

Greeley City Council


As noted above, Greeley City Council is in charge of appointing and demoting certain top positions in government. These positions are responsible for reporting back to Greeley City Council. The Greeley City Council is accountable for the following three positions in government: head municipal court judge, city attorney and city manager. This is the basis of Greeley's governmental structure, known as a council-manager form of government. We democratically elect the "CEOs" of our government who then come together and reach a bipartisan consensus on who is the best applicant for the job. 

Greeley Municipal Court Judge

Greeley City Attorney

Greeley City Manager


The Greeley City Manager appoints all of the following positions in Greeley government: two assistant city managers, the city clerk, the chief of police, the director of Public Works and the director of Water & Sewer. Both assistant city managers are responsible for offices beneath them. Assistant City Manager I oversees Finance (current City Manager I also serves as Finance director) and Information Technology. Assistant City Manager II oversees Community Development, Communications & Engagement, Economic Development and Culture, Parks & Recreation. 

Assistant City Manager I

Assistant City Manager II

Greeley City Clerk

Greeley Police Department

Greeley Public Works

Greeley Water & Sewer