Weld County District Attorney's Office
915 10th Street
P.O. Box 1167
Greeley, CO 80632-1167
(970) 356-4010
Fax: (970) 352-8023
Email: weldda@weldgov.com

Krista Henery
Communications Director
(970) 400-4702
Email: khenery@weldgov.com

Investigation questions: (970) 356-4010 x4722
Victim/Witness Unit questions: (970) 356-4010 x4946

19th Judicial District Attorney

The Weld County District Attorney works on behalf of the state. The District (the 19th Judicial District as it's called) is one of twenty-two judicial districts in Colorado. The 19th Judicial District shares its boundaries with the County. 

The Weld County District Attorney is personally responsible for the most important cases that come to trial and must also oversee all of the work done by the District Attorney's Office. Felony and misdemeanor charges issued anywhere within Weld County are heard at the County Courthouse. Keeping track of which court does what can become confusing, but just remember that the 19th Judicial District/Weld County District Attorney's Office is responsible for trying and charging all higher-level offenses that occur within Weld County. 

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