Introduction to Justice

Residents' first interaction with the American justice system is most likely to involve municipal court. This piece examines the importance of this interaction.  


Divided Views

Most people never step foot in municipal court, which means that most people never see those who do walk through these court doors. This piece looks at the conflicting perceptions that differing municipal court experiences create. 


Everything There is to know about Receiving a Municipal Fine in Greeley

From beginning to end, this piece covers every step someone who receives a municipal fine in Greeley could go through. If you want to know how exactly municipal fines work in Greeley, this is the 101 intro piece to help you find out for yourself. 


A Tale of Two Cities: Where You Drive Matters

The chance that you personally experience issues discussed in this series has a lot to do with where you live and where you drive. This piece discusses preemptive policing and shows how some Greeley residents' chances of ending up in municipal court can be much greater than for others. 


Unequal Punishments

Municipal fines are a public safety matter. But for some, the incentive to remain safe is far greater than for others. Find out just how unequal our monetary fines are in this mathematical breakdown of punishments as related to income. 


Going Back to Debtors' Prisons

One of the biggest issues involving municipal courts has to do with "debtors' prisons." Debtors' prisons have been found reemerging within several states over the past decade. Learn more about debtors' prisons and what's behind their reemergence. 


Municipal Courts May Need to Rethink License Suspensions

The practice of suspending licenses for failure to pay has been discussed more and more as of late. Find out what people are saying about this debate. 


Greeley Municipal Court's Questionable Court Appearances

As debtors' prisons spread, some elements of this practice repeatedly show up throughout the country. Have any shown up here in Greeley? Find out for yourself in the following piece. 


Two-Tiered Justice: A Fiction Piece

A short fiction story that gives a more personalized look at many of the issues discussed in this investigative series.