Public Hearings to be Held September 18, 2018

A Rezone on East 8th Street
This rezoning issue involves Greeley Washout Inc., located at 1140 East 8th Street. The issue deals with some portions of land the business sits on. Currently, some property on Greeley Washout’s land is zoned under what’s called a Conservation District (C-D). These properties were zoned under C-D due to the fact that they existed in an area that’s considered a floodway. You may have heard of a floodplain, but the floodway is a smaller area within the floodplain. Floodplains are developed by the federal government. The floodplains are put in place in order to limit development within the area a 100-year flood could reach. Well, the floodway requires even stricter limitations on development.
The reason? The floodway is closer to the part of the river known as the channel. The channel of a river is another way of saying the deepest part of the river. Or, you might think of the channel as the portion of the river that always exists, even as it shrinks to a small stream. Floods are obviously more likely to occur in areas marked as part of the floodway, which doesn’t extend as far away from the river as the floodplain. This is one reason why development within the floodway must be heavily regulated, because anything built within the floodway is more likely to be affected by a flood, more likely to obstruct water from moving downstream in a flood and more likely to impact the water as it moves downstream in a flood. 
Recently, though, the area covered by the floodway has changed. This change has led to Greeley Washout no longer lying within the floodway. Now, Greeley Washout will be able to move from C-D to Industrial Medium Intensity (I-M). Moving to I-M will allow the business to make additions to their property that they may have wanted to do before but couldn’t due to the C-D zoning in place. 
At the Greeley City Council meeting on September 18th, 2018 the Council will be asked to vote on whether or not to approve the move form C-D to I-M. It’s a public hearing, so if you wish to come and speak or ask questions on this issue or related to this subject you will be able to at this hearing. 

 City Purchase of Property for Water Line Development
In this hearing, the Water & Sewer Department will be looking for approval from Greeley City Council to seek interests in land in Weld County to build water lines on. 

Budget Appropriations 
In this hearing, the Budget Office will be asking Greeley City Council to approve transfers and the release of funds.