Weld County Assessor's Office
1400 N. 17th Avenue
Greeley CO 80631
(970) 400-3650
Fax: (970) 304-6433
Email: assessor@weldgov.com


The Weld County Assessor discovers, lists, classifies and values all County property in order to determine property tax. 

Browse through the following links to find important information on assessor related issues. These issues include the process by which tax amounts are decided, detailed information about property valuation and all assessor data. You can also access actual value and assessed value for any piece of property in Weld County along with current and previous owners on the Weld County government's Assessor homepage.

Below, you'll find ways to access information on property taxes, taxing authorities and data from the Assessor's office. 

Understanding Colorado Property Tax

Few of us actually understand how our taxes are calculated. Using the following link, you will find resources and basic explanations about how the amount of your property tax is decided.  

Taxing Authority Information

A taxing authority is a public service entity whose funding comes from taxpayer money. You'll find valuable taxing authority information, such as: Abstract Reports, Certification Letters, Distribution Statements, Mill Levy Reports, Assessed Values by Tax Area, Ownership Listings, Top 25 Taxpayers by Authority.


The Weld County Assessor's office provides access to all of the department's data.