Weld County Administrative Building
1150 O Street
Greeley, CO 80632
(970) 400-4780
Fax: (970) 352-9019
Email: countycouncil@weldgov.com

According to Weld County government, the Council is responsible for reviewing "all aspects of County government." On top of this watchdog responsibility, the Council also sets salaries for elected county officials, reviews possible conflicts of interest, suspends any elected official found guilty of wrongdoing, fills Commissioner vacancies, and considers requests to grant increased mill levies. 

The Board meets the third Monday of each month at 6:30pm. To learn more about Weld County Council meetings (along with all other County board and committee meetings) click here.

Below you will find ways to access agendas for upcoming meetings, recordings of all past meetings, quarterly reports, and resolutions.

Public Meetings

Want to know exactly what those who watch over our elected heads of government said during their last meeting? Or would you like to know what is going to be discussed at the next and future County Council meetings? Find all of that here, with a link that'll take you  to agendas for upcoming meetings and a link to find typed recordings of past meetings, known as "minutes," dating back years (to 2012). If you have input but are not going to be able to attend, you can still submit comment by letter or email. For meeting locations, call (970) 400-4780.

Quarterly Reports

Quarterly reports contain quick summaries of the work Weld County Council has completed by quarter (every 3 months). The following link will send you to a Weld County government webpage that includes quarterly reports dating back to 2011.


Resolutions are decisions reached in resolving a problem, dispute or other issue. The following link will take you to a Weld County government webpage with a multitude of resolutions dating back to 2008.