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The Elections Department is where people power manifests. It's where you can register to vote, find out more information on running for office, register to run for office, find results of past elections and more. 

Register to Vote

Step right up and get your power! With the following link you'll be able to register to vote within minutes with 1-step online voting registration. You'll also be able to verify and change your voter registration here. The following page will also offer links to informational pages that cover every detail on voting and voter registration. No habla espanol? No problema. Aqui registrese para votar en espanol. 

Military and Overseas Voters

For those in our military or citizens currently overseas, the following provides a webpage with links to the Federal Voting Assistance Program and Federal Post Card Application. These links will put members of our military or citizens overseas on the right track to voting upcoming elections.

Running for Office

Chances are that the possibility you or someone you know could run for political office is much greater than you think. It only takes a few simple steps to get signed up to run (the real challenge is winning the actual election). There is a serious shortage of candidates throughout the country! Many of our most well-known (and possibly most disliked) candidates run unopposed, meaning no one challenges them for their seat in office so they automatically win. 

Election Results

Election results dating back to the year 2000 can be found here. If you're curious about how elections have shaped the County over the last nearly two decades, this is the place to look. 

Political Parties

The following links to a list of local as well as regional and national political parties. The location and phone number is given for the national, state and local Democratic party, Republican party, American Constitution party, Democratic Socialists party, Green party, Libertarian party and Unity party. 

Voter Statistics

How many residents in Weld County are registered as Republican? How many are registered as Democrat? Or how many unaffiliated voters are there in Weld County? Find out here. This link leads to a Weld County government webpage that provides an up-to-date breakdown of the number of active and inactive voters for the Democratic party, the Republican party, the American Constitution party, the Green party, the Libertarian party, the Unity party and all unaffiliated voters. 

2018 Primary Election Sample Ballot

Voters typically receive their ballots in the mail, but if you need to see what that ballot looks like for some reason this is the place to find it. Replicas of upcoming ballots are always available on the Weld County government's website some time prior to when the election is going to be held. 

Sample Ballots from Previous Elections

View past ballots in the case you want to update yourself on who ran against whom and in what year, what year certain measures were voted on, the wording that the Elections Department chose to use on past measures or maybe you just want to see what Weld County elections have looked like going back to the year 2000. 

Volunteer Election Judges

Become a volunteer election judge and be part of the action election night.

Election Voting Locations

The following link is incredibly helpful in making sure that no one forgets to vote. It will tell you where you can register to vote or update your voting information and where you can obtain a replacement ballot. Even more importantly, the following link provides information on where you can drop off your ballot prior to election day, on election day and where you can vote in person. 

Ballot Trax

"The BallotTrax system tracks the status of every mail-in ballot and sends a series of proactive email, text, and voice message alerts to voters notifying them where their ballot is in the election process from printed to accepted!" Sign Up for the program can be found here. 

Elections FAQ