The following are elected officials. These are the individuals that we the residents choose to oversee every aspect of our county government. The most important of these positions are the Board of County Commissioners' positions. These five individuals oversee the departments and other offices listed further down on this page.

Weld County Commissioners

Weld County Council

Weld County Clerk & Recorder

Weld County Assessor

19th Judicial District Attorney

Weld County Sheriff


The following departments and offices are each overseen by an individual Weld County Commissioner. Department heads (usually called directors) are still responsible for all of the internal day-to-day operations of their departments and offices.

Department of Finance and Administration

Department of Planning Services

Department of Public Health & Environment

Department of Public Works

Clerk to the Board

Weld County Attorney's Office

Weld County Coroner

Weld County Justice Services

Public Safety Communications

Information Services

Office of Emergency Management (OEM)

Greeley-Weld County Criminal Justice Records

Greeley-Weld Housing Authority


The Department of Human Services is actually overseen by both The State of Colorado and Weld County government. It is the only department not fully operated by the county alone.

Department of Human Services